Regular “Fitness Coach” Nearly Wrecks Beth’s Body & Health (Bizarre Details Here)

Before I give you this incredible story, I need to share this with you so we don’t get flooded with too many emails from people reading Beth’s amazing “healthy fitness turnaround”…

Even though she is a private/remote 1-on1 coaching client, she is using the training videos from our complete fitness video portal for ALL levels of users, Total-Access – the only difference being that I hand pick the exact ones for her to do, and we do it in “phases”.  And we do a daily personal summary check-in, plus our private coaching calls.
Coolest part of this is anyone can be doing the same exact body & life-changing methods, just by joining Total-Access via this info page here  (or you can use this shortcut sign-up link )
(NOTE – the discount price may be going up very soon since the Holiday season is about to start.)
And her “nutrition re-education” is happening via the QUICKLY-FIT Rapid Results recipe videos, also in Total-Access, and the mindset work she and I do on our coaching calls and our accountability check-ins.
OK – here is Beth’s “1-Month Reflection Letter”
SIDE NOTE – at the time of me getting this out to you, Beth is now about 5 or 6 months into her program with me, and her changes have been beyond INCREDIBLE.
We will be sharing a follow-up update very soon, and you will NOT want to miss it because there are some clues to be revealed that will help any person who struggles with the “fitness” part of their life… Stay tuned!!
FROM: “Beth Beth S”

My one month reflection on my new fitness journey with Joey as my personal Coach

Before I started one-on-one coaching with Joey my fitness Journey was very confused and scattered, with many terrible attempts at trying to do the right things for myself.

I have tried so many things. It’s crazy.

For years I did all the beach body workouts, you name it I’ve done it.

I’ve done brazil butt lift, turbo jam, turbo fire, P 90 x, P90x 2, insanity max 30 and even Chalene extreme and body beast, all the crazy stuff they say we should do to get results.

Cardio, muscle confusion, lifting heavy, fast movements, HIIT and all those workouts where you need to kill yourself, that never got me anywhere.

My main goals have always been to really tighten, tone, and sculpt my body and get rid of that cellulite that most of us women deal with, no matter what size we are.

Well, none of these crazy workouts or diets did that. 

Sometimes I would be working out and say to myself “Why do people do this kind of stuff to get in shape, it doesn’t make any sense” …

But lacking in knowledge I thought this was the only way to get fit. 

I kept at it for years doing these workouts, every time they came out with a new one I was  right there buying another crazy program that wouldn’t work for me. 

Some of the programs would even say “if you don’t lift heavy and go to failure, then go home…” but I still continued on the wrong path and I even ended up hurting my hip somehow to the point it was in so much pain, even just sitting down.

I still even struggle with it to this day.

All the crazy HIIT workouts, killing myself literally being so out of breath trying to get results. 

My body really just got worse, instead of better, and I never saw the sculpted body I was looking for or reduction in my cellulite like I wanted.

After all the beachbody stuff I did another program because I was still trying to get rid of that cellulite and tone and sculpt, so I made another attempt to try again. 

I kept thinking; “Well if I just keep doing these crazy workouts, I have to eventually get results”  Right?

No, I was so wrong… then I found another program that promised to help me with all my body goals and I was even given a coach to schedule my workouts and even help with nutrition if needed.

Well I started getting SO super confused because I would write down all my food I ate for the day and she would look at it and say “you’re eating way too much”…

It would really confuse me because I would see others the same height as me on the program and even older and they said they would have to eat more food to get their bodies in shape.

Seriously confused, I started saying to myself “This doesn’t make any sense, I’m taller and I need to eat less food”??

I even sent in my pictures and all they could say was because I’m older and perhaps going through perimenopause and having food allergies and food intolerances I’m not seeing the results I wanted.

I actually got really sick too with them trying to help with my food intolerances and even taking out healthy foods I really didn’t even need to avoid!!

My body was just getting worse, more mushy, deflated, saggy and just feeling awful. I was a big mess that needed to be fixed.

This program also had me doing so much cardio and those crazy HIIT workouts that everyone swears by. I was doing a lot of jumping around, step jumps, burpees, you name it I did it.

It got to the point that my calves and achilles were getting so painfully tight that everyday I had to foam roll them just to get some relief and that didn’t even solve it.

I just said to myself one day;  “I need to find a better way, there has to be a better way”.

Well I started digging through some old DVDS that I have and low and behold I found some of my Joey Atlas videos that I had bought several years ago.

I remembered that when I was using them, I had gotten a lot of compliments on my legs and body and I would always tell people “Yeah and they’re such easy workouts and gentle on the body that anyone of any age could do it.”

Well I dug those DVDS out, I have the Naked Beauty/SYMULAST program and the ULBHTM – Levels 1 and 2 and I decided on my own that I would start incorporating these into my lower-body days…

I started with the naked beauty and started doing it 1x through after doing my regular leg workout from this other program I was doing with the coaches I had at that time.

Well, with Joey’s training sessions I could just feel how my muscles were really working and being targeted in a slow controlled manner and I wasn’t killing myself.

And it was also the connective tissue, the fascia, tendons and nerves being activated and trained properly too. This is a unique aspect of Joey’s methods and there is something to be said about this.

After I did that 1x through for a couple of times I decided to tell my coach I was going to start incorporating some of “my own workouts”, but at the same time she still gave me a lot of cardio and jumping around stuff so I could see I really wasn’t getting the results that I knew my body could attain.

So little by little even though I was still paying for the previous coaching I decided on my own to do my own thing, so I made up my own schedule with Naked Beauty and with the Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover from Joey (which are all in Total-Access, plus all the new programs they add each month.)

So every other day 3 x a week I worked my whole lower-body using Joey’s programs.

Well, after avoiding the high-volume cardio for a really long time I could tell my body was now starting to get firmer and feel so different again and starting to respond in a really good way. 

Now starting to feel these changes I started to look for Joey online, I was like “I wonder what this guy is up to, I need to seriously find him, I just love this guy.”

So I dug around on google for him, I figured he has to be somewhere around here, lol, so I started just googling his name and a lot of stuff came up and I found one of his main sites where I found my favorite trainer for life,  Joey Atlas

I found the amazing, wonderful, and awesome Joey Atlas. 

I’m actually starting to tear up as I’m writing this because this is where it gets sooooo Good and my life and body starts to change for the better. 

I was reading one of the articles he wrote and everything he said was exactly what I’ve been looking for…

I was even still getting emails from Joey at this time for YEARS, So I started reading those emails again every single day and there was always a success story on there or some words of encouragement that just told me; “Beth this is where you need to be, on Joey’s programs, completely.”

So my first step, before even seeing if Joey could take me on as a personal 1-on-1 coaching client, was to just try the programs he has set up in his Total-Access video-on-demand plan.

Well it was the ABSOLUTE best decision of my life I have ever made.

I got into the video-on-demand site and browsed around on it every single day and saw some amazing stuff and even the workouts I ALREADY started to reincorporate back into my routines and lots more. 

His style of training just amazed me even more, I knew it was already good of course from the workouts I’ve been doing but I could totally see his gentle, and slow approach in all these newer workouts I was looking at.

Not one single training session had anything crazy, painful or risky in it.

Each day Joey also shares his own training session on facebook live in real time so I decided I would start watching those, because they are so encouraging to watch.

Well, one of the times when he was working out he was talking about another stupid myth of how people say; “you need to eat directly after a workout or you’ll lose your muscles.”

I started to laugh so hard because so many regular trainers make lots of people think that’s true, but it’s totally not the case. 

Here Joey was looking all fit and toned and his muscles were looking strong and sculpted and still does of course… And he DOES NOT eat right after his training sessions and they don’t force their clients to do it either.

I was thinking; “this is exactly what I want” I responded to Joey right in the facebook live comments as he was training and interacting with us, and I said “Joey I need help with my nutrition because I don’t even know if I’m eating enough”

He said “ I’ll get you, Just leave me a message below and we can talk”  I was like “Joey I am totally serious here” So I wrote on his facebook page “ Joey I am truly serious, can you really help me? I need help big time.”

I actually even said “ I don’t know if I”m even eating enough protein and healthy fats”

See all those other programs I had been using confused me on my nutrition, saying I was eating way too much, them saying stupid things like you can’t eat carbs or fruit after a certain time in the day. 

No wonder I was so messed up. It was all nonsense and unproven myths which are still being pushed out there!

Well Sweet sweet Joey got in touch with me. He said Message me on facebook and I’ll get back to you. 

I was so serious about what I said and what I wanted to do so I sent Joey a message…

He replied back and got my number and information and said he would call me. I said that would be great. 

He called me and I accidentally missed his phone call at the time so he left a message but as soon as I saw he called and I missed it I automatically called him back because I was SERIOUS. 

He probably thought I was Craaaazzzyyy!!!!! …..LOL

When he answered we laughed a bit and we went into our conversation of what I wanted to accomplish, my goals, and how I’ve been so confused from all the junk programs and coaching in the past that I’ve been doing and people brainwashing me with their dysfunctional ways.

Joey is so understanding and compassionate, he knew exactly where I was coming from and he understood all the nonsense I was going through. 

He KNOWS the “bad” fitness that has been flooding the mass-markets for decades.

So Joey asked if I would be interested in 1 on 1 coaching and I said that would be awesome.

It was certainly an investment. But I thought about all the crap I’ve been put through and all the programs I’ve done, all the previous money wasted, with no success to show for it.

And I thought how nice it would be to finally have someone as amazing as Joey to directly help me with all this and get this part of my life figured out once and for all.

Good grief it’s Joey Atlas!!  LOL. He’s not just some weekend certified trainer, he is an Exercise Physiologist with a Master’s Degree! Who has that?!

So I gladly and most excitedly said OH yeah let’s do this, because I just knew he would be the one to guide me to the best results ever.

I’m happy to say it’s only been a little over a month and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. 

My only regret is that I didn’t start with him as my coach. But the past is past and now is my time.

I am actually seeing and feeling changes like I’ve never felt or seen before, EVER.

Oh and I sent some pictures to Joey so he could see what he had to work with. It was so amazing that as soon as he saw me he knew EXACTLY what I needed.

I actually needed to re-gain lean-tissue weight first, to repair all the damage that the previous programs did to me. 

We needed to rebuild my body, or as Joey and his team call it “re-composition”, which is what they do with all clients regardless of your weight or size. 

They look at your body in a completely different way than regular fitness/nutrition coaches. And this is why all of their clients get life-changing results.

All these other programs couldn’t even figure that out for me.

I sent them pictures and not even once did they say, “Oh you need to regain some lean weight, you’re not even eating enough”…..LOL

But Joey was right on the money and knew exactly what I personally and specifically needed to make progress toward my goals.

My body is still in the process of making many, many more changes but I’m definitely feeling and seeing the improvements happen and even the hubby is giving me compliments everyday.

He said; “the cellulite is definitely smoothing out” — so Oh Yeah to that!!

He even says he can’t believe the changes he is seeing already and how great Joey is for helping me out with all this.

He’s loving the process just as much as me and I know there’s gonna be a lot more yet to happen and I’m super excited for it.

Also, with Joey’s direct guidance and coaching, I’m now focusing on eating more plant-based nutrition, just like my BEST AND FAVORITE TRAINER FOR LIFE Joey .

His recipe videos are so simple, but unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

I have always loved veggies and eating healthy but I am so happy and grateful to learn that there are even more ways and even better ways of cooking and eating so that I can get better results with my health and physique by eating more plant-based and organic foods to eliminate the chemicals and junk we put into our bodies, that work against us.

Joey’s knowledge in these areas is on a whole different level than anyone else.

And what’s amazing is he and his team don’t put people on diets, they simply coach you into the way we should be eating but in a way that is so delicious and easy to do anywhere, so you can never “fall off the wagon”.

A lot of people think it’s hard to get quality protein in your body if you eat plant-based, well I’ve learned that is not the case at all. It’s easy to get awesome amounts of super-healthy protein if you know what to do.

I’m super excited to see what my body is going to do in these next phases for sure especially with eating a lot more plant-based. 

I will definitely say that I’ll never have to find another fitness training program or way of eating again, since I found Joey— seriously MY HERO for sure. 

Right now my body has changed quite a bit in this 1st Phase I’m in.

My Jeans are fitting soooooo much better, my butt is lifting and I’m feeling a lot firmer and I see the cellulite starting to fade away.

It’s weird because it’s like my body is making all these small little shifts each day and I can see it. 

When I feel my thighs I have never felt them be so firm and strong before and even that fat under the butt is starting to change too. 

I know for sure I’m in the right place now.

My arms are looking stronger and tighter and I have curves like a woman should have. 

I can’t express how grateful I am to be on this wonderful Journey with Joey…

This truly means so much to me and it’s not even just about the physical it’s about me being healthy and now eating more of a wide variety of food giving my body the nutrients it needs to just be healthy in every way and function normally and have more energy and enjoying life to a larger degree for the rest of my life.

Joey is absolutely the BEST and there is no program or any other person in my eyes that is better. 

He is helping me so much, and from the bottom of my heart I say thank you and I know it’s not even over yet. I have so much more to look forward to on this Journey with him. 

As I write this my eyes filling up with tears:

Joey, thank you for being with me on this journey of health and fitness and showing me the right way to exercise, eat properly for my body and just being here for me. 

Words can’t even express how truly thankful I am to have you in my life to fix the big mess I was in. You’re absolutely a beautiful soul with a big heart, An ANGEL indeed!!!!


I’m super excited for more changes that are gonna take place on this journey with you.

I truly appreciate you helping me and how great and loving you really are. I’ve never experienced a better experience yet and I know I will never will because this experience means more to me than gold or anything else that I could have.

You’re truly a GEM Joey.

I’m starting to really cry now but I truly mean this from the bottom of my heart so it needs to be in this document for sure…..LOL

This is a special moment in my life!!!!!

Joey thanks for being so awesome and being “THE TRUTH” that you are and I know this wonderful journey is not over yet, not even close. 

I’m looking forward to a lot more improvements for sure #YEAHBABY especially with you Joey.




How can you not LOVE that 1-Month Reflection Letter??!!

So rewarding really… This coaching work is not easy.

BUT, it is extremely rewarding when you see firsthand, the PROFOUND positive impact it has on a person’s ENTIRE life….

And that is why we do it.

So, if you’re still reading and you are not on any program with us. You have 2 choices.

Choice #1you will want to join Total-Access via this page ASAP  (or you can use this shortcut link ) so you can have all the best home-fitness videos, the QUICKLY-FIT Rapid Results recipe videos and the mindset mastery seminars, PLUS all the other materials you need to reach your best body and best LIFE in superb HEALTH…

NOTE- you DO NOT need the Home-Gym system in order to get all the benefits of the programs in Total-Access.

Choice #2 – you can get on the waiting list for a personal/custom 1-on-1 private coaching spot (the same program as Beth) with us by reaching me via this secure form on the contact page here :

A – your biggest fitness problems/obstacles and…

B – your top 3 goals you need to reach for personal success.

C – your best contact info/number (we coach people around the world)

1-on-1 remote/long-distance Coaching spots are “fist come – first served” so the people who reply first go at the top of the waiting list for the next spots that are opening.

You have one life to live. Don’t let it pass you by.

Put yourself first and get yourself on the right track ONCE and FOR ALL.

Here for you…

Your trainer for LIFE

~ Joey “The Truth” Atlas


Never Too Late to Achieve Your Best Body, Even at Middle-Age

Today, I’m sharing another “1-Month Private Remote Coaching Reflection Letter” from client “KB” (I have several more of these waiting to be published and shared.)

KB shares an inspiring story that MANY people will be able to identity with – and at the time of me sharing this here, she is coming toward the end of her 3rd month of our custom coaching plan and I’m looking forward to sharing her “update” next month…

For now – enjoy this and the gold contained in it.

My 1-Month Reflection Letter – from “KB”

The first time I was introduced to Joey was twelve years back, in 2008.

I was 35 years old, with two young kids, 2 and 6 years old.

Honestly, I cannot remember if I was googling for “cellulite solutions” or something else, but somehow I found Joey online and I signed up for his “Secrets of a Trainer” e-mail letter.

I liked his no-nonsense approach and his solid & realistic advice on exercise and nutrition.

So I soon purchased his Naked Beauty/SYMULAST program and ULBHTM (The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover) program.

I got inspired by his approach and used the ULBHTM DVDs fairly regularly together with a jump rope for toning-cardio.

Honestly, I was probably in the best shape of my adult life during that time,
pretty lean, with some muscle definition.

I remember getting some compliments at the beach that made not only my day, but my whole summer. 🙂 Sadly enough, life happened and I stopped exercising.

I should say that I was never overweight and I looked ok in clothes.

However, years were going by and I was becoming a “skinny fat”.

My body became softer, some dimples started to show up, first on the back of my thighs and the butt, then on the front of my thighs.

I had no tone, no definition. I became much more self-conscious.

I did not want to wear above the knee dresses or shorts and the beach vacations became torturous and not fun…

I stopped wearing bikini and started buying one-piece swimsuits, like an old lady…. 🙁

I never had a long-term consistent exercise habit and routine.

There were a few years in my life when I was somewhat serious about yoga, and then I quit.

I cannot tell you how many different programs I’ve purchased and never used, such a waste of money!

My husband was upset with me.

He wanted me to join the gym, it was important to him that I would be in top shape.

But I hated gyms, I did not want to go there. The idea never appealed to me.

I’ve seen people exhausting themselves physically and taking pleasure in it, but it was not for me. Maybe something was wrong with me, but somewhere deep inside I knew there should be another way to succeed.

Well, enough was enough. I was 47 years old, and if I cannot get into good shape now, then when would I?

It’s just going to go down the hill from now on, right?

Or maybe not?

One of Joey’s e-mails caught my eye one day
and I saw him telling about his remote private coaching. I remember walking with my husband and discussing that.

He thought I should reach out and check out exactly how it worked and if if could be a good fit for me.

So I did, without hoping for much.

Surprisingly, the same day, Joey called me and we had a pleasant conversation.

Long story short – I signed up for 3 months of private remote training & custom coaching with him.

And here I am, writing this one month later.

And I cannot believe it, but I’ve been exercising consistently for the whole month, something I’ve never done before!

It is doable! I can do it!

I am starting to identify myself as a person with a new habit.

I am becoming a person who CAN exercise as part of my lifestyle, and I actually like it!!!

Who would believe it?

Well without even trying I’ve dropped at least 5 pounds.

More importantly my body’s composition is starting to change (something Joey and his Team place priority on), and I am really looking forward to more success.

Joey and I are in touch daily.

He is ready to answer any questions, to support and encourage me.

The daily accountability is extremely helpful.

In addition, having his expert knowledge and understanding of human anatomy and physiology is invaluable!

There is no guessing here.

Joey has the best approach (simple, safe and effective), and as he says “my success is inevitable”.

I like it and I believe it now. 🙂

I am looking forward to the next two months of training with Joey and the whole lifetime of a more confident, happier and healthier ME!

“KB” from Virginia

How sweet is all that!!??

But wait – she’s not even done yet…

Once her 3-month coaching plan is over she’ll be writing another reflection letter and I will post the link to it here so you can see what 2 more months of this unique fitness/coaching style does for people who could never get it right in all past attempts…

I share these success stories not to brag at all – BUT to show people WHAT IS POSSIBLE – no matter your past and no matter when you get started…

AMAZING things ARE possible.

Whatever your goals are – you can reach them, with the proper help and guidance.

You are worth it and your life can be as incredible as you’d like it to be.

Take care of you first and the world gets to be blessed by the best version of YOU!

Any questions, comments, thoughts? Post below or send me a message directly via this page – I always love hearing from someone who is “ready”…

Your trainer for LIFE,

~ Joey “The Truth” Atlas

How Joy Got Into THE BEST Shape of Her Life at 60 Years “Not Old”

Today, I have a powerful story that is going to inspire you and fuel YOUR motivation to “get with it and stick with it” for both the short term results and long term benefits…

If you’ve been around here for a couple of years or longer – then you may remember when 1-on-1 remote coaching client, Joy in Australia, sent me her “Early Phase Reflection Letter” back in June of 2019 which I shared on the blog here (GOOD stuff!)

And now… fast-forward to 2020 and it’s time to share Joy’s “Graduation Reflection Letter”

Here it is.. Enjoy and see if it stirs something inside you that makes you want to achieve the same kinds of success – BUT YOUR OWN UNIQUE version of it 🙂


31st January, 2020

Joy – from Australia

RE: My 1-on-1 Remote Coaching Graduation and Reflection Letter

Hi Joey, as you suggested, I’m writing as me “witnessing myself” as another person from the outside writing about Joy, who I have been observing through her progression and evolution along the way.

(that really did make it so much easier! lol 🙂


Zen Quote: “The slow way is the fast way…”

Joy joined Joey’s remote personal 1-on-1 coaching program about 18 months ago.

At the time, she was unhappy with her overall appearance and was looking for a program that could help turn things around and rejuvenate her body and her spirit.

She had no definition in her legs at all, and her thighs were starting to look flabby.

Joy generally felt tired and miserable and believed it was “because of her age” (58 at the time) and that she just needed to accept that it was “part of the aging process”.

She found Joey on the internet via one of his online Lower-Body Fitness programs and made contact with him because his message made sense, and his approach sounded doable, like it “could be that thing”.

After speaking with Joey she decided to give his personal 1-on-1 program a go whilst not really expecting any significant change.

What appealed to Joy at the time was she was able to exercise at home; she didn’t need to purchase a whole lot of big equipment and she didn’t need to travel to a gym every day.

Additionally, Joey wasn’t going to be putting Joy on a crazy or extreme diet, which really pleased her.

Joy started at Phase 1 and found it challenging, but safe and doable…

She admits being exhausted after the first session, but she realized how de-conditioned she really was. It was a real eye-opener, but Joy was grateful for being able to start this now, before it became too late.

At the time she did not realize that Joey had a progressive long-term plan and that over time she would move from Phase 1 to Phase 2, and then eventually Phase 3.

Looking back, Joy realized she would have never known how to create her own Phases of fitness programming, let alone be able to know how to progress inside each phase.

Slowly her fitness improved and when it was time to move from Phase 1 to Phase 2, she was apprehensive about the new exercises but persevered, and over time was able to master them and then eventually move on to Phase 3.

Surprisingly, with Joey’s unique style of Low-Impact/Focused-Intensity training, Phase 3 was still quite challenging, but Joy surprised herself, and after committing to the exercises she was slowly able to improve, making yet even further progress, both physically and mentally.

Joy has noticed the definite toning, sculpting and strengthening improvements in her legs, thighs and shoulders. The healthy muscle definition is actually becoming more evident now, and her butt has lifted and firmed considerably, I repeat, “considerably”. All of which she is extremely happy about.

Joy has noticed the benefits not only to her physical appearance but also to her emotional and mental improvements.

She has also followed Joey’s “Fusion-Flex” nutrition method which is based on eating in the real world of everyday life, and includes access to many effective strategies, specific tactics and incredibly simple recipes straight from Joey’s own kitchen.

She especially loves starting her day with Joey’s Super-Natural Fast-Breaker Espresso Super “Shake”.

Joy’s body has responded so well to the exercise and nutrition program that she is at the point now that she doesn’t need to weigh herself obsessively, and when she puts on a pair of jeans, she is always happy how they just slip on.

She believes this is a program she will follow for the rest of her life because it is now a part of her lifestyle and supports her mission for the type of life she envisions living and all the things she plans on doing in the next few decades.

She has learned, through Joey’s one on one coaching, how to be accountable and to make proper exercise and good nutrition a part of everyday living.

Seeing her reach Maintenance Phase has been quite inspiring. I don’t think Joy could have ever pictured reaching this level of physical, mental and emotional fitness.

She has recently turned 60 and is celebrating the rewards of her commitment to Joey’s coaching and, most importantly, to herself.

She loves seeing the definition in her muscles, her posture has improved and she is sleeping better. She feels good in her clothes and is happy to duck into a clothes shop to try something new without having to spend time ‘dieting’ before she is game enough to try anything on, lol.

Joy now shops for clothes that she NEVER wore in her entire life and she is over the moon about this. But even more important is how Joy now feels about her overall health, wellness and longevity as she looks toward the amazing projects she wants to accomplish in these next few decades of her life.

Balanced workouts and healthy meals are now an automatic daily habit for Joy and she is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her SCULPTAFIT Home-Gym to fully complete and enhance her new lifestyle and future visions.

To put it all in one sentence: Personal 1-on-1 coaching with Joey has completely changed Joy’s life for the better!


How sweet is all that!!??

I share these stories not to brag at all – BUT to show people WHAT IS POSSIBLE – no matter your past and no matter when you get started…

AMAZING things ARE possible.

Whatever your goals are – you can reach them.

You are worth it and your life can be as incredible as you’d like it to be.

Take care of you first and the world gets to be blessed by the best version of YOU!

Any questions, comments, thoughts? Post below – I always love hearing from you.

Your trainer for LIFE,

~ Joey Atlas

Which Is Best? A Personal Trainer or Private Health & Fitness Coach?

Which Is Best? A Personal Trainer or Private Health & Fitness Coach?

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What to Do When Your Weight Goes Up Despite BEST EFFORTS

Here’s What to Do When Your Weight Goes Up Despite Your BEST EFFORTS

In this weeks episode of her podcast, Cindi shares her most recent “stats checkin” and the frustration & confusion that it triggered.

She also shares how she got past “the numbers” and corrected her mindset, through her subsequent thoughts (this is POWERFUL and it’s where many people “fall off the wagon”)

As you listen to the weekend ‘gut punch’ that Cindi shares – and how she didn’t let it derail all the incredible success she has been enjoying – you may be able to relate to her situation…

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What to Do When Your Weight Goes Up Despite BEST EFFORTS
What to Do When Your Weight Goes Up Despite BEST EFFORTS

The whole key to handling these bumps in the road is to KNOW that “weird”, illogical frustrating things will happen along the wellness and fitness journey, ESPECIALLY when weight-loss is involved.

And when we KNOW these unexpected events can, and likely will, occur – we can be prepared to handle them by knowing what could be the cause of these ‘blips’, and that it’s the BIG picture mission that really matters when all is said and done.

For the sake of providing even more value and insights right here and right now – here is what I’ll share…

When “the scale goes up” and some measurements go in the “wrong direction” – there are several factors and variables that we MUST keep in mind that have a direct impact on total body-weight, body-composition and girth measurements.

Here are some of the key variables to keep in mind:

1 – time of month (water retention and possible rise in food intake)
2 – if there was a bout of constipation
3 – seasonal (weather) changes that affect water retention)
4 – increase of healthy muscle density (lean tissue weight increase)
4 – increase of healthy done density (reverse of ‘osteoporosis’)
6 – accuracy/calibration of measuring devices being used
7 – time of day the measurements are being taken
8 – consistency of person doing the measuring from one check-in to the next

As yuo see, besides the possibility of there being some actual “weight gain” – there are also explanations why the numbers may not be telling the full and true story.

That is very important to keep in mind as it removes the negativity that most people stir up in side themselves when a ‘blip’ like Cindi’s occurs…

Give her episode a listen and share with anyone else you know who can benefit from her experience and the steps in her journey…

NOTE: Cindi also shares her email address in the episode for anyone who wants to reach out and connect.

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