Fit Over 60! Ph.d. in Phys Ed Shares Her Unique Home-Gym & Fitness Success

I hope your weekend has been a great one so far ?

As promised, today I’m sharing Jan’s story (and some photos, plus a short video clip) – which is sure to inspire you for at least one reason, maybe more…

Ok – let’s set some context here first…

As you read this, keep in mind Jan holds a B.S., M.F.A., Ph.D in Physical Education and Dance — University of Wisconsin-Madison

Exactly 3 years ago she came across one of my top programs for women (Naked Beauty/SYMULAST Anti-Cellulite Method), purchased it and got started…

Seeing and feeling great results – she also kept tuned into things by reading my weekly email updates.

Through the updates she heard about the release of the SCULPTAFIT Bodyweight Home-Gym Systems and wanted one. So she emailed me to find out how to purchase it and I scheduled a phone call with her to go over the details since the full website wasn’t complete yet…

And here was her reply after the call:

“Joey: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me and answer my questions about the SCULPTAFIT Home-Gym.
With great results already, I’m excited about my purchase of your PRO Model System.

As per the request on the invoice, my address for delivery is:_____________

Thank you!”
That was back in mid 2018 (middle of last year) and I had forgotten that Jan sent me a success story/progress update back in November of 2018…
So long story, short… She reached out to me in the private forum area about how good everything is going and I asked her if she could put her great words into an email…

And she did!

It’s actually 2 parts:

Part 1 is from November 2018 and Part 2 is from this month (July 2019) with her even more awesome update after having had several months to train with our methods and make full use of her new SCULPTAFIT Home-Gym System…

Enjoy! and if you want to get on the pre-order list for the next production run of 10 Home-Gym systems, then reach out to me asap. (reply to this email) The first 10 to get on the pre-order list, get one of the 10 units (those of you who already let me know – you are good, I got you! No need to let me know again :-).

Ok – here are Jan’s 2 excellent emails: (first one back in November – second one just last week)


November 2018

“Hi, Joey.

I’ll be sixty-two in February. In my younger years, I trained as a dancer.

Now, living in Las Vegas, Nevada, I’ve always kept reasonably fit by taking advantage of the great weather while walking and hiking.

However, bone density tests revealed osteoporosis, due I am told, to years of striving to be sylph-like on a calorie restricted diet during my dancing years.

Then too, as I got older, my muscular strength was not optimal affecting my balance, overall endurance, and bone density.
I am happy and so proud to report that I’ve benefited greatly from doing the exercises shown on Naked Beauty: The SYMULAST Method DVD as well as those on the updates I get in my email.

Your demonstrations of the exercises and explanations are concise.

For me, the result has been a renewal of my kinesthetic sense, a reawakening of my awareness of movement from the inside, and impressive gains in muscular strength.

By the way, my latest DEXA scan (bone density) showed significant bone-density increases overall – a gain of almost 13% in one area.

With your explanations of each exercise, even if one’s physical limitations make modification of the exercises necessary, the purpose of each exercise can be fulfilled.

Having watched a number of your home gym workouts, I am eagerly awaiting my SCULPTAFIT Home-Gym System.

I’m so motivated and thrilled to be partaking in your program.

Thanks for all your efforts and positivity.

Janet Perkins
B.S., M.F.A., Ph.D.
Department of Physical Education and Dance
University of Wisconsin-Madison
And here is her latest update, just sent to me last week: (first, here’s one of the photos)

Bodyweight Home-Gym System All in one complete home gym for families being used by long distance client Jan
Happy Home-Gym Owner, Jan on Bodyweight All-In-One SCULPTAFIT Home-Gym System

July 2019

“With this update, I am 62 years old, and I continue to gain impressive strength.

As a 32 year old, I never thought I would have the upper body strength to do even one pull-up, but as of March, I CAN!! Not many, but a few.

I wasn’t sure my fitness was showing, but now that it is summer, I get many compliments on my muscle definition, especially in my arms.

Since the arrival of my SCULPTAFIT Home-Gym System in December, I’ve been using, almost exclusively, the training sessions that are in

I started using the 5-day schedule but switched to the 7-day schedule because it seemed to involve the lower body more frequently.

Some of my favorite workouts are ULBHTM “To the MAX” parts 1 and 2 and LIIT Chest and Back Intermediate Personal Training Session #2.

Of course, I love all the workouts that I’ve found on I’m thankful for the variety – short workouts, longer workouts – all very effective!

Here’s a super-candid and short video of me doing 2 of the abs/core exercises from one of the intermediate training sessions:

Due to the endless variety, I am motivated to do a SCULPTAFIT workout every day, although I have started to schedule one day off so that I can do extra hiking.

At the end of this summer, I will be eager to see my next bone density test results. I used to dread having those done, by the way. But, not anymore!

I’ll keep you posted.

Janet Perkins
B.S., M.F.A., Ph.D.
Department of Physical Education and Dance
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Happy Home-Gym Owner, Jan Using SCULPTA-Bands on Bodyweight All-In-One SCULPTAFIT Home-Gym System
Happy Home-Gym Owner, Jan Using SCULPTA-Bands on Bodyweight All-In-One SCULPTAFIT Home-Gym System

We LOVE getting updates and success stories like this!!

It keeps me and my Studio Team on our mission of making this world a better place with a GENTLER and SUSTAINABLE way to “workout” for optimum health, fitness and wellness!!

Again – if you want to get on the pre-order list for the next production run of 10 Home-Gym systems, then reach out to via this page here. The first 10 to get on the pre-order list, get one of the 10 units.

If you don’t get an email reply (sometimes email gets “cyber lost”), just come connect with me on facebook here and let me know “you want in on the next run of Home-Gym orders” and I’ll be in touch to go over the details.

I’ll be back in touch soon!!

Your trainer for LIFE,
Joey Atlas

Best Workouts for Middle Age and Beyond Into Your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s

While the younger crowds and the “unsuspecting mature” crowds are continuously fed the notion that their workout have to me “high intensity”, “short and fast”, “harder and tougher” – the truth is none of that dangerous and risky stuff is NOT necessary.

Lots of the hardcore “fanatics” do not like when I write about this – but hey, this is not for them, it’s for us people who are just taking our own path that is most realistic and beneficial to us. Simple really…

Here is the direct link to the video on my YouTube Channel => #1 Best Workouts at Middle Age & Beyond Into Your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s

As of the day I’m writing this, July-15-19, my last complete health/medical exam was almost a year ago – which means my next one will be on schedule with Dr Osborn, for next month (August).

If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll remember my last 5 years worth of vital stats and blood work ups have all been getting even better.

I’ll share the updated details (2019 results), in a future video and post here, on how these improvements are continuing, with the lifestyle habits I’ve been implementing (anyone can do these).

And as you know – my ‘chief aim’, and the one that I hope becomes ‘supernatural’ to you, is to always be employing lifestyle habits that directly, and positively, impact my annual health exam results.

By doing that – I directly, and positively, impact my LIFE – and I share this all to inspire YOU to do the same.

If I can do this – then so can YOU.

I think you’ll agree, we don’t hear this kind of wellness-focused ‘chief aim’ in the common conversations of mass market fitness..

Rather, we hear shallow messages about “fast weight loss”, “rock your best body in 4 weeks”, “be sexy again”, “turn heads everywhere”, “look like a fitness model”, “slim down in 7 days”…

It all makes me cringe, because it’s those short term, superficial promises that keep people in the perpetual cycle of “on and off again”… Never truly fully committing to a mindset and lifestyle of total wellness on the inside AND the outside.

Sure, some of my peers are opening their eyes to the bigger picture – but for the most part the mass markets are still appealing to people’s superficial, short lived, motivations.

And these shallow motivations, hardly ever stick. No secret, right?

BUT – when we shift our focus from just “looking amazing” to “feeling great, improving health & strength, exercising with care and eating for longevity..” then we start to really understand WHY we are doing all this – and how our mindset holds the key to everlasting habits, best results and an awesome quality of life.

In the video above, I share some thoughts on the the mindset needed in order to make all this “fitness stuff” easier, simpler, more enjoyable and hence, far more effective & sustainable in the long run.

One of the biggest factors in optimizing and preserving the physical body so that it is strong, balanced and able to carry us through life with high functionality is the TYPE of exercise we choose to do.

If we choose, the harder, heavier types of high-impact exercise – then our muscles, bones and joints will have excessive wear and tear on them. And this is IF, I say IF, one is able to even sustain the hardcore, high-intensity styles of workouts…

Opting for a gentler, slower and more controlled and realistic form of fitness training allows the body to be nurtured into wellness in a way that builds “physical integrity” both for the short term and the long.

Of course – this “physical integrity” is directly related to “mental/emotional integrity” – hence the “mind/body benefits” of a proper approach to lifelong fitness.

Enjoy the video above – please share it with at least one family member, friend, and/or co-worker who will appreciate it and benefit from it.

Any questions comments or thoughts? Post in the comment box below, you know I love hearing from you…

Your trainer for LIFE,
Joey Atlas
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