How Cindi Got Off The Deadly Diet and Weight-Loss Roller Coaster

how to lose weight without dieting

You’re going to love this.. It is awesome, in many ways.

I got so much incredible feedback when I shared Joy’s personal wellness/fitness coaching success letter a few days ago – I decided I’ll keep sharing them as long as each client is ok with it (some prefer to keep private, which is totally fine).

So on that note – today I’m sharing a really powerful one from, Cindi. She’s been with me for just over a month and she wrote a moving 1-month progress & reflection letter a few days ago.

She emailed it to me with 3 things:

1 – a short intro
2 – her daily “check-in” summary for the day
3 – the actual 1-month progress reflection

I decided to share all 3 of those items with you – because together they make for quite a powerful combo that will inspire, awaken and motivate readers into new action and new mindsets…

After reading please do share this with anyone else you wish and if you need the same kind of help, just send us an email with your main challenges, issues and problems and we’ll get you on the coaching waiting list.

Ok – here is Cindi….

1 – her short intro

Joey Atlas. Wow.

You know this is still amazing to me.

Joey Atlas the fitness guy is working with me! Sounds funny right?!

As I wrote my coaching reflection on my first month being in coaching with Joey, it amazes me how many lies are told to get people to buy into a program, a pill, a fad, even if it is a lie.

They prey on the weak and vulnerable.

I remember how it felt when I would see an infomercial, oh they made it sound so good, and so promising, that I was compelled to buy what it was they were selling.

It’s as bad as refined sugar. It’s an addiction. They are so wicked!

The train to nowhere that never stops, yet it continues to pick up passengers along the way. I don’t know how many tickets I purchased for that ride!

I do know though, when that train went by Joey Atlas, I jumped off and took my bumps and bruises for the hope that he was offering!

BEST decision I have made for my health!

Can I scream it from the rooftops?!

Can I yell at the top of my lungs?!

Joey, I love you and who you are, and what you stand for, and how much you have helped me in just one month!!!!!!!!!

I am sending hugs and kisses in the spirit to YOU my friend for Life!

~As Always

And here is:

My Summary for June 5, 2019

Good morning Sunshine!

Joey is truly keeping in my remembrance – gratefulness.

Something I have learned and practiced over the years but seemed to have forgotten. The Lord is using Joey to stir up all that is in me, that He has taught me.

I am truly so ever grateful for that. I am grateful for an amazing leader – Joey.

I know, he hears this a lot, and that’s just confirmation to him that he is doing things, moving and shaking!

Moving and shaking people out of their comfort zone! LOL.

No walking this morning. Needed that sleep and not rushing out to walk. Just realized that I have a 1-hour massage today! Oh, my goodness I cannot wait for that.

It has been many years since I had one. This I won at an auction for Isaiah’s school. I pray that this guy is good! I am planning on a great day; therefore, I will have a great day!

Have still been dealing with the lethargy feeling mid-week. It kicks my butt. I don’t like this. I do not like the way it feels nor the way my body responds. Joey says this will pass as I begin to lose more weight.

You know what? I believe him. He has not steered me wrong.

I tried to take a nap and that didn’t work well. Just after dinner though I lied down again, and this time I did sleep. It helped somewhat.

The massage was okay. As I lay there, I thought to myself that I will not go anywhere else, but that my friend will be the only one to touch my body and give me a massage. Until I meet Joey’s massage therapist that is.

The following is a reflection of the past month with Joey. A little history and how I feel about where I am today, one month later.

My 1-month Progress Reflection:

I never thought I would be where I am today mentally.

One month ago, I began working with Joey. That in and of itself is something beyond me. He was chosen for me, and I have never looked back nor wondered what I was doing.

Up until a month ago I was on the merry go round of an eating disorder.

I never looked at my issues that way, yet, that is exactly what it was. I never needed a reason to eat, like a person who never needs a reason to drink.

Yes, I justified my habit of eating every feeling on earth, and I was very good at it. I learned how to eat in private, no one would know, I left no evidence.

Who wants to be called out when you already know what you are doing?

I did not want my husband to know the depth of my problem. I didn’t even want to admit it.

Over the years I knew that I wanted to change, to change my eating habit, my body, everything about Cindi.

I tried everything there was to help me. Workout videos, diets, pills, not eating, eating more, you name it and I did it.

Each and every time I tried something, I was gung-ho, until about a month in. I would get bored, I would get hungry, and I would just get tired of no results.

I had not hit “bottom” yet.

All of those so-called diets, and fitness instructors, they all lacked one very major thing, mindset.

I didn’t know it then, I do now. I didn’t fail at all of those things, they failed me.

They did not teach me that unless I could change how I looked at food, how I perceived physical fitness, NOTHING would ever change for me.

It appears about 5 years ago I found Joey Atlas.

I even purchased something from him. Who knows where that went?!

I don’t recall actually reading many, if any, emails I received, I did keep them though, maybe a video or two I watched.

Time and season. When the student is ready the teacher appears.

And that is EXACTLY what happened. Joey appeared.

Even though I had been receiving emails from some fitness guy that I never really followed; one day, just over a month ago, I got another email from Joey Atlas.

Now, this was not just to me, it was to everyone that is on the email list.

I read this one, for some reason, I read THIS one.

It said that Joey had a private 1 on 1 coaching spot available and anyone interested just needed to respond to the email.

What got into me?

I responded without hesitation.

His response was, the spot was taken.

Okay, wasn’t the time for me. Maybe next time. Not!

It ended up working out for me to have a very coveted spot with this guy Joey Atlas. I am so blessed that I made it in.

Joey began not by throwing workouts at me, do this, do that.

No, he began by asking about me. Who I am and what led me to this place?

He didn’t put me on a restricted diet and tell me that lack of food and expending energy that I didn’t have will get me to lose weight.

No, he began teaching me that food is not the enemy.

He was teaching me that I needed to change my mindset.

It was very different from the fitness world that I knew and I knew from day 1 that Joey had what it took to help me.

A 52-year-old woman that all but gave up on the dream that I would, could be healthy. Not to only look good on the outside, on the inside too.

That was my breaking point. My bottom. It was my health.

I had a hard time walking up the stairs and not feeling like I was going to die. My doctor told me that I had arthritis in both knees. I was over-weight. My feet swelled all of the time.

I was just not going in the right direction. And I was sick and tired of it.

Joey has changed all of that in my life. Because I was willing, I was coachable and I was motivated, to finally do something about my life.

I truly never thought that I would feel like this again, I didn’t truly believe that I would be a fit woman.

I don’t think I ever was a fit woman, not both inside and out.

There were many times over this past month that I wanted to go back to the old ways, the old habits of eating whatever whenever.

I haven’t done that. Joey has made such an impact on my life that I don’t want to mess up my progress.

The progress, let me say, is not as noticeable on the outside as it is on the inside!

I know that by me listening to the teacher, the one who has gone thru so much of what I went thru, that I will continue to become healthier each day I live.

I am choosing to not be rebellious when it comes to my health.

Believe me it has not been easy. It was really difficult for me. I thought that I had to be deprived of food, my thinking was so messed up.

In the beginning with Joey, I would cry, I was so hungry, and I thought that I could only eat rabbit food; salad, with lettuce and stuff.

I actually went more than a few days, maybe a solid week before I began to understand that it was a lie, and that my food choices were far more varied and wide-ranging than just that!

I was believing lies about eating. But through a gentle process, Joey is helping me change that, not by forcing a “diet”, but simply by helping me understand some truths that we’ve all been blinded to by society and the mass media…

God gave us good food to eat, and I’m learning that.

Not the processed stuff that comes in bags, and boxes, all the things that I enjoyed tasting and swallowing, it didn’t matter that it made me sick!

I can look back and ask myself what took me so long to get this?

It can only be because I was not ready. And I was also misled for many years, just like most people are. But I take responsibility for that now.

I am looking forward to continuing to move forward with Joey.

I have come to love and understand true accountability.

I am so grateful that Joey found a place for me.

Good night,

She Battled Her Weight, Body & Health Forever – But Then She Found The Answer

personal health coach, private fitness coach, personal fitness coach

It’s possible you may not need to read this, but it’s good that you are – because you will learn something important from it…

And I’m pretty sure you know AT LEAST one other person who will benefit from reading this today – so please share it with them when you’re done.

You never know how just one little helpful share can positively impact someone’s life.

Here we go…

So many people desperately struggle their entire lives when it comes to their weight, body, health, fitness, wellness…

Some people never “find an answer”, while some do eventually find “that 1 thing that helped fix everything”…

So, today I introduce you to Joy from NSW, Australia.

She discovered me years ago via one of my lower-body videos and that’s when her journey started.

After a few more years of struggle and frustration, she decided to reach out when I offered another personal, long-distance coaching spot.

She’s been in coaching with me for a while now and the changes she’s experienced are profound. Today, I share with you what she wrote to me over the weekend.

This “reflection” is actually part of the coaching program – a little assignment to have her “connect to” the improvements and changes she has experienced.

She writes:



I’m writing this to help me realize the incredible progress I’ve made since starting with you on the 1-on-1 personal coaching.

In reading it over, I realize there are some keen insights and lessons that may benefit others who are struggling with body issues, weight problems or overall health deterioration. So, please feel free to share this.


I’ve had body and self-image issues since childhood.

And most of them stemmed from my mum who was always making odd remarks and negative comments about my weight and my body, even though I was not really overweight as a young girl.

That combined with my own issues of never being consistent with a good program, caused me a lifetime of battling this body I live in, how I saw myself and what I thought of myself.

It all had a negative impact on my self-image, but through life I would keep trying and keep trying to fix things, like most other people, trying all kinds of crazy things.

In truth, I also struggled with consistency, no self-accountability, negative beliefs about my body and just being confused about what I should be doing in addition to Joey’s program I had bought a few years ago

Originally I really just wanted to improve my problem zones, my legs and thigh areas primarily.

This was actually how I found Joey a few years ago, via one of his lower body programs that was being mentioned in many places on the internet. I simply wanted to tone-up and get rid of the cellulite dimples and shadows.

The problem was that I was never able to stay consistent and hold myself accountable. My mindset was in the wrong place as well. I was heavily focused on the superficial aspects.

So when Joey opened up another 1-on-1 Long-Distance personal coaching spot, I knew I had to take it.

I knew that was what I needed. I knew I couldn’t do this on my own.

And so started this amazing journey.

Having daily check-ins with Joey has really helped with accountability and motivation. I want my ongoing reports to show that I had been taking Joey’s coaching seriously and was being truthful to my most desired goals.

All my questions get answered by Joey which in turn has helped with my focus and taking action with certainty, instead of doubt or second-guessing myself. He simplifies everything, by mapping out exactly what I need to do and he comes up with brilliant workarounds whenever they are needed.

For example, when I’m traveling, he guides me on what to do so I stay on track and I don’t fall off the wagon. In the past, any trip would be the start of getting derailed and knocked off the path again. But not anymore, this is a huge one. We fixed that.

I also had a bizarre foot/ankle issue happen because I didn’t realize how old my walking trainers were, and even though Joey guided me on getting new ones fast, he also guided me on how we are going to keep my positive progress going despite the ankles being an issue.

In the past the foot/ankle thing would have set me back by months. But with Joey’s guidance, I didn’t miss a beat and my ankles healed up even faster because of how I continued to do the other things Joey laid out for me.

His ongoing guidance has been invaluable to helping keep me motivated and on track.

Just knowing “he’s there” is a real psychological source of strength, because I feel I’m not alone in this. It’s a powerful dynamic.

His realistic and sustainable approach to eating has been extremely helpful. I no longer think about dieting, or restricting myself from foods.

I don’t pay attention to any odd diet fads or latest trendy crazes in the mass media. His nutrition guidance is all based on reality and timeless principles of physiology.

Joey also shares easy, delicious and healthy recipes along the way, which my whole family enjoys.

I’m now focusing more on how my body is feeling, rather than only how it looks.

I can definitely see improvements in my appearance which is great, but I am now also feeling and appreciating the deeper health benefits too.
Becoming more mindful of my health, both short-term and long-term has really strengthened my self-motivation and where I derive my inspiration from to stick with it now.

My shape and muscle tone has certainly changed for the better, my lower and upper body is much more defined, toned, firm.

I feel fitter, I have a lot more energy, my balance has improved and as I have progressed through Joey’s Phases I can now look back at certain exercises that I struggled with in the beginning and realize they are now part of my daily routine.

These improvements have been very rewarding and make me want to keep going, and not go backwards ever again.

Joey also helped with problems I had with my sleep pattern and by following his suggestions and guidance I’m now getting the sleep my body needs, which is brilliant and has helped other areas of my life tremendously.

I feel so grateful that I am in this 1-on-1 program as Joey has helped me so much with changing my mindset about my body image.

This has been so critical. I am learning to appreciate what I can do to also improve my overall health, wellness and longevity – as well as my appearance.

Negative thinking about my body was a tough one for me to redress as constant criticism as a child had a big effect on the way I saw myself in the mirror.

Joey talked this through with me consistently in the beginning and gradually as the weeks and months progressed.

So, I have now come to the point where I believe my health and fitness are priorities and my appearance, while still important, is not my only goal.

This is a profound shift for me, and it’s made a life-changing difference.

I’m now at the point where I can definitely see positive changes in my fitness levels, my appearance and my mindset.

Again, the mindset shift Joey has guided me through would have never happened on its own.
And I now understand why so many other people struggle with their body and fitness, it’s all tied to the mindset.

The good thing is once that improves, it allows everything else to improve. Everything is connected.

I wrote this as a reflection to realize how far I’ve come, how Joey’s unique approach and impact on me has transformed my thought process – and to allow others to see that real and true change is not only possible.

Your success is practically inevitable when you have the right framework and the right support guiding you along the path.

If you struggle with any of this and you’re considering Joey for the special help only he can provide, then as someone who has been where you are, I encourage you to do this for yourself and get the help that will guide you to your best potential.

Struggling and going “on and off” again and again the rest of your life is no way to live a good life. You deserve better and you can have it.

When you get the proper help the rest of your life will just get better and better, because you’ll have truly figured out how to take care of YOU… The Right Way, for LIFE 🙂

With much gratitude,
Joy from NSW, Australia

There are a handful of golden nuggets in Joy’s “reflection” letter.

==> I’d encourage you to print it out and read it with a pen or highlighter and make note of some of the specific turning points and breakthrough spots that helped create this awesome turn-around.

It is very likely that her turning points and breakthrough spots hold the key to areas in your life that need to be addressed or adjusted.

You probably have similar sticking points and obstacles – but just your own unique versions of them.

At the root they are very similar and can be addressed and changed in similar fashion.

If you’re still reading this, and you’re feeling like this is the kind of help you need and want, I’m currently creating a waiting list for anyone who wants one of the next spots for 1-on-1 coaching.

To get on the waiting list just send me a note via this contact page with a short summary of “your story” and why you need direct help and guidance to reach your most desired goals.

Remember, share today’s post with someone who needs this kind of hope and inspiration. Just use the colorful share buttons below.

More of these personal coaching breakthrough letters are in the works – stay tuned 🙂

Any questions, comments or thoughts? Post below, you know I always love hearing from you…

Your trainer for LIFE,
Joey Atlas


5 Health & Fitness Insights That Can Change Your Life Today

5 Health & Fitness Insights That Can Change Your Life Today private health coach personal fitness coach personal health and fitness coach
Last week I sent out an email article and realized I need to turn it into a blog post here so that others can see it, read it, share it, save it, etc…

And after reading it, one our awesome local Studio clients, Susan, sent me this note after she read it and this is what triggered me to get it posted here on my blog:

Hi Joey
I want to thank-you for sharing these insights and encouragement.
Just want you to know I needed to read this and maybe reread it at least every week.
Thank-you again for all you do, share, insights, and encouraging words…

Susan W.?

So here it is…

5 Health & Fitness Insights That Can Change Your Life Today

I usually have several personal, 1-on-1 Long-Distance (or Local) coaching clients I’m working with at any given time of year.

SIDE-NOTE: I may have a personal, 1-on-1 Long-Distance personal coaching spot opening up in about 3 weeks, so if you need 1-on-1 personal, long-distance coaching please send me a note here and include your primary issues, toughest obstacles and your TOP 2 goals – and WHY you want to reach those goals.

And the ones I’m currently working with are highlighting some CRITICAL but subtle insights that must be shared so that you might benefit from simply becoming “aware” of these…

AWARENESS is usually a key element, a precursor of sorts, for setting the stage that leads us to success…

We have self-awareness, which I consider to be anything internally related; inside our mind, our thoughts, habits, choices, decisions, etc… and we have awareness of what we can consider as ‘external factors or elements’.

Today I cover a little bit of both – as we will see that awareness and self-awareness are connected and inter-related. We will dive deeper into these in the future – but for today…

Here are the insights:

1 – Travel and Being Away from Home Is a Part of Life we MUST PRE-PLAN for…

If you want to reach and maintain health and wellness success – THEN YOU MUST know that travel is inevitable and you must design a plan to “stick to your vision” NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE…

SO MANY people let travel derail them. It’s crazy but true.

==> Your goals and values should NOT change just because your body is in a different city, or different country.

It’s that simple.

And I know it’s possible to win in this scenario because I have private clients who are doing it. Even some of them are surprised they are “Sticking with it”, even when on the road.

2 – Outsource Some of The Manual Labor

I have 2 clients who have such busy schedules that they barely have time to cook. And this becomes a problem that needs a solution.

One has already outsourced meal/food prep and delivery so they don’t even have to think about most of the food shopping and cooking…

And the other is now looking into it because she only has so many hours in the day and food prep is pushing the limits.

This is the kind of problem that knocks many people off the good path. But the wise people persevere and find solutions to the problems in order to MOVE FORWARD.

==> Remove the obstacles that block you from success and make your goals easier to reach.

Ask yourself; “What are the obstacles that I need to remove?”

If you don’t know the answer to that – then seek outside help. Your life is worth it.


Without accountability you are doomed from the start.

Don’t get me wrong – you can be your own accountability chief. I know because I have become my own.

Truth is, most people CANNOT do this and this is why so many people are “yo yo” fitness folks. You know… On again off again…. The annual cycle repeats itself over and over.

You NEED accountability.

It could come from a friend, a family member, a group such as our coaches and other clients at the local Studio, or a hired specialist like me – But it must be SOMEONE until you are able to be your own “master of accountability”.

4 – GUIDANCE is the Queen

Without proper guidance – you’ll be spinning your wheels, guessing if what you’re doing is right, or wrong.

And the more you guess – the more likely you are to “quit”.

And the cycle repeats itself, over and over again.

5 – There is ALWAYS an answer

You may not know the answer. But there always is a good answer to any given problem or obstacle you face.

As a matter of fact – you can bet 100% that problems and obstacles will come your way.

THE KEY is to KNOW this beforehand.

Be 100% at peace with it – and then be ready to “ANSWER” those problems and obstacles so you keep making positive progress without getting thrown off track like all the attempts of the past.


Be in it to win it.

Choose your “REACTION” to every situation.

KNOW that you will be tested (We all are.)

KNOW that you have to power and ability to succeed no matter what the test in front of you is.

KNOW that it is easy to give in and submit – and PREMEDITATE your actions, to move through each test with your vision set on your goals.

And know this…

Putting in the energy and efforts NOW is a form of sacrifice and form of ‘suffering’ we can say….

BUT – you can bet every dollar you have that if you choose not to sacrifice and suffer A LITTLE now (by doing your daily duties of health, wellness and fitness) THAT YOU WILL “pay the price” MANY times more, in the future with far greater amounts of suffering and sacrifice.

Now is your time. The opportunity of a much better life is in your hands.

Your mindset holds the key.

Your values, intentions and purpose must be your primary drivers and your fuel for motivation…

Success is earned. You must go after it or it will elude you.

Or you can remain stagnant, keep drifting and suffer the consequences of living on ‘auto-pilot’.

What will you do?

WHAT will YOU do? Need my help to come up with your answers? Reach out and let’s see what unfolds…

Have any comments, questions or thoughts? Then please post in the box down below, you know I love hearing from you!

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