5 Health & Fitness Insights That Can Change Your Life Today

5 Health & Fitness Insights That Can Change Your Life Today private health coach personal fitness coach personal health and fitness coach
Last week I sent out an email article and realized I need to turn it into a blog post here so that others can see it, read it, share it, save it, etc…

And after reading it, one our awesome local Studio clients, Susan, sent me this note after she read it and this is what triggered me to get it posted here on my blog:

Hi Joey
I want to thank-you for sharing these insights and encouragement.
Just want you to know I needed to read this and maybe reread it at least every week.
Thank-you again for all you do, share, insights, and encouraging words…

Susan W.?

So here it is…

5 Health & Fitness Insights That Can Change Your Life Today

I usually have several personal, 1-on-1 Long-Distance (or Local) coaching clients I’m working with at any given time of year.

SIDE-NOTE: I may have a personal, 1-on-1 Long-Distance personal coaching spot opening up in about 3 weeks, so if you need 1-on-1 personal, long-distance coaching please send me a note here and include your primary issues, toughest obstacles and your TOP 2 goals – and WHY you want to reach those goals.

And the ones I’m currently working with are highlighting some CRITICAL but subtle insights that must be shared so that you might benefit from simply becoming “aware” of these…

AWARENESS is usually a key element, a precursor of sorts, for setting the stage that leads us to success…

We have self-awareness, which I consider to be anything internally related; inside our mind, our thoughts, habits, choices, decisions, etc… and we have awareness of what we can consider as ‘external factors or elements’.

Today I cover a little bit of both – as we will see that awareness and self-awareness are connected and inter-related. We will dive deeper into these in the future – but for today…

Here are the insights:

1 – Travel and Being Away from Home Is a Part of Life we MUST PRE-PLAN for…

If you want to reach and maintain health and wellness success – THEN YOU MUST know that travel is inevitable and you must design a plan to “stick to your vision” NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE…

SO MANY people let travel derail them. It’s crazy but true.

==> Your goals and values should NOT change just because your body is in a different city, or different country.

It’s that simple.

And I know it’s possible to win in this scenario because I have private clients who are doing it. Even some of them are surprised they are “Sticking with it”, even when on the road.

2 – Outsource Some of The Manual Labor

I have 2 clients who have such busy schedules that they barely have time to cook. And this becomes a problem that needs a solution.

One has already outsourced meal/food prep and delivery so they don’t even have to think about most of the food shopping and cooking…

And the other is now looking into it because she only has so many hours in the day and food prep is pushing the limits.

This is the kind of problem that knocks many people off the good path. But the wise people persevere and find solutions to the problems in order to MOVE FORWARD.

==> Remove the obstacles that block you from success and make your goals easier to reach.

Ask yourself; “What are the obstacles that I need to remove?”

If you don’t know the answer to that – then seek outside help. Your life is worth it.


Without accountability you are doomed from the start.

Don’t get me wrong – you can be your own accountability chief. I know because I have become my own.

Truth is, most people CANNOT do this and this is why so many people are “yo yo” fitness folks. You know… On again off again…. The annual cycle repeats itself over and over.

You NEED accountability.

It could come from a friend, a family member, a group such as our coaches and other clients at the local Studio, or a hired specialist like me – But it must be SOMEONE until you are able to be your own “master of accountability”.

4 – GUIDANCE is the Queen

Without proper guidance – you’ll be spinning your wheels, guessing if what you’re doing is right, or wrong.

And the more you guess – the more likely you are to “quit”.

And the cycle repeats itself, over and over again.

5 – There is ALWAYS an answer

You may not know the answer. But there always is a good answer to any given problem or obstacle you face.

As a matter of fact – you can bet 100% that problems and obstacles will come your way.

THE KEY is to KNOW this beforehand.

Be 100% at peace with it – and then be ready to “ANSWER” those problems and obstacles so you keep making positive progress without getting thrown off track like all the attempts of the past.


Be in it to win it.

Choose your “REACTION” to every situation.

KNOW that you will be tested (We all are.)

KNOW that you have to power and ability to succeed no matter what the test in front of you is.

KNOW that it is easy to give in and submit – and PREMEDITATE your actions, to move through each test with your vision set on your goals.

And know this…

Putting in the energy and efforts NOW is a form of sacrifice and form of ‘suffering’ we can say….

BUT – you can bet every dollar you have that if you choose not to sacrifice and suffer A LITTLE now (by doing your daily duties of health, wellness and fitness) THAT YOU WILL “pay the price” MANY times more, in the future with far greater amounts of suffering and sacrifice.

Now is your time. The opportunity of a much better life is in your hands.

Your mindset holds the key.

Your values, intentions and purpose must be your primary drivers and your fuel for motivation…

Success is earned. You must go after it or it will elude you.

Or you can remain stagnant, keep drifting and suffer the consequences of living on ‘auto-pilot’.

What will you do?

WHAT will YOU do? Need my help to come up with your answers? Reach out and let’s see what unfolds…

Have any comments, questions or thoughts? Then please post in the box down below, you know I love hearing from you!

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